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What does public service mean to you?

- Public Service means educating, leading, sharing, and developing society in a way that is beneficial to both the giver and the receiver.

it means getting out into the community and helping out without seeking recognition for doing it.

- Listening to those who don't have the same platform as you and expressing their ideas with/for them.

- Making your society a better place.

- It means doing the best to represent those who are not represented and to advocate for them.

- Public service is about representing the underrepresented and creating a fair society.

How well do you feel about being prepared to serve your state or community?

- Sort of prepared.

- I feel like I am ready for it when the opportunity comes up and serving my state or community is something I definitely see myself doing someday.

- I feel very prepared after this. I now realize that it really only takes passion for helping and a willingness to learn and listen.

- I think that if I was elected tomorrow I could get a handle on things.

- Decently well, I don’t want to go into politics but I have a good knowledge.

- I will well prepared not because I know a lot but because I am willing to listen

- Pretty prepared.

- I certainly have more insight now. I doubt I would choose to work in the political realm, so much energy goes into the charades played and partisanship and not enough real difference is made that affects the people of the community.

- I was introduced to a side of public service I've never considered (being a part of the Senate and legislative process). I currently work for a government entity and have considered myself as working in public service. This introduced me to different methods of serving my community, fighting for and opened my mind of all the issues, topics, and concerns of Arkansas citizens that I've never took into account.

Please explain how you developed leadership, communication, and collaboration skills?

- I developed Leadership, communication, and collaboration skills through working with others, leading the committee, attending committees, and learning about and talking to people.

- I was able to listen to the others while they gave their statements on their bills and if I didn’t agree with them, I told them why i didn’t and then they would compromise (on occasion) on how they could make their bill better or stronger.

- I briefly mentioned this already, but being in a small group of people where i had to present my own original ideas and also step back and play a supporting role helped me become a better leader.

- When everyone's vote counts, you have to build these skills to get anything done.

I learned how to calm down people on stressed situations, in tense moments people were upset and I feel like I contributed to them calming down. We all had to collaborate together to make a plan for certain issues and we were successful.

- Working together with people of positive view and come to an agreement about a topic

- I was able to learn to how properly address peers and learn how to make strong relationships.

- I was given an opportunity present bills and support bills that focused on issues and concerns that I could relate and issues that I became aware of during this week. I was able to collaborate with Senators and Reps on getting important legislation passed. I developed confidence in speaking up for citizens and fighting for major prejudices and hot topics.

Are there any other information you would like to share that could be of added value to improve the experience for next year?  Or any comments you’d like to make?

- It was an amazing program and cannot wait to be a part of it next year!

Thank you so much, i can't wait for next year - none of us can. If there is anything I can do to help on my neck of the woods let me know.

- I had a very good time. I think that the only issue that the program encountered was personal conflicts between such a small legislature, but I think that will be solved with more people.

- No but as soon as I come up with some I’ll let you know thank you so much!

This is an excellent hands on program. Definitely beginning preparation as early as possible can be something that can improve the experience during the model

- Having in person meetings/workshops one weekend a couple months before the week at the Capitol would make a big difference and allow everyone to get familiar with what is expected to be accomplished and become prepared in advance.

- Thank you for the opportunity to attend. I feel that anyone looking to work in public service on this level should have an opportunity to participate in the Legislative Model and more marketing should be done to make more people award of this GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!!

Please explain how were you able to explore leadership through service?

- I was able to explore the power of chairman through education, leading the committee, learning about everyone's roles, sharing power, and developing a plan to fit/adapt the committee.

- I was able to hear personal stories from many different representatives and senators from all different walks of life and how they got into the world of service by listening to the people they represent on a daily basis.

- I got to work closely with people of similar and dissimilar ages on many controversial issues. I got the chance to present my own ideas and also listen to others and support them rather than do everything on my own.

- Learning about public policy making helps me get ready for leadership.

- I was given a leadership position. I feel like I accomplished my various roles well. - I see patience is very important especially when we are all new to the service. I also saw great leadership skills in others.

- During committees and discussions about a topic or bill.

- I was able to work with others demonstrate proper etiquette and cooperation through legislation.

- When legislators from the House and Senate came and spoke to us about their personal work in their communities. Senator Chesterfield and Representative Hodges were very inspiring.

Please explain how you were able to build network, friendships to motivate your peers?

-By simply talking/interpersonal communication. Talking is the most impactful mean of communication in my belief. By talking, we were able to network, make friends, and motivate others.

- We all came from different backgrounds and i think our differences and beliefs helped us relate to one another and able to compromise on certain things.

- Considering we are planning an "alumni Airbnb" and have about 500 group chats, I think we made lifelong friends. We are supporting each other on our college journey and political journey.

- Passing hard legislation forced us to negotiate and interact and build lasting friendships

- The entire group in the house got along extremely well, a select few were closer than others. I have very strong friendships with some representatives and I am sure we will remain friends. I did argue for my bills and pressed certain issues, I feel I was able to change peoples minds. And I inspired certain amendments with my negotiating skills.

- During committees, during lunch breaks, and individual talks

I was able to meet new life-long friends, and understand different backgrounds of the state.

- I developed a better understanding on subject matters I didn't realize had an impact on the lives of Arkansans of all ages, genders, and economic levels. It provided me an opportunity to become more involved in issues that I didn't know existed and those I have a passion for outside of the week I participated in the Legislative Model of Summer 2022.

Please describe how you were able to use critical thinking skills?

- I was able to use critical thinking skills when voting on a bill. I had to really pick the nitty gritty and be critical when it came down to it.

from the very beginning, I wanted to be in the shoes of my representative. If I heard a bill in committee, I wanted to ask questions and see if it would be beneficial for the people I was “representing”

- I learned to watch for unintended consequences of policies.

- Examining legislation and political maneuvering required critical thinking skills.

= I think I’m certain situations all my thinking was critical thinking. For example when the beef bill came up I was able to remain neutral and stay in the middle even though I have ties to the bill writer. My critical thinking skills in the service were mainly dealing with other people.

- During creating a bill, discussing a topic, arguing for or against, preparing speeches

- I used intense critical thinking skills during house debates about bills.

- I was able to use critical thinking skills when looking at the numbers and statistics of how communities or groups of citizens would be effected if certain legislation did or did not pass.

I thank all student legislators for their comments, thoughts, and opinions.  You thoughts is what helps me makes the program better!

Thank you for your service! 

Romerse Biddle

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