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Model Government

Explored our site and still have questions about "our whole deal?" You've come to the right place!

Scroll to learn more about our main "Mock Gov" program, and view pictures from our gallery to get a taste of the real-life experience.

What is it?

An immersive model government program

The Academy For Public Service is Arkansas' only civic and education model government organization. Founded in 2021, our mission is to equip students with the skills necessary for success in the future. Through our unique program, we provide a hands-on approach to learning. Each student is given the opportunity to explore their interests in a supportive and competitive environment.

Why should I join?

Hands on legislative experience

Only in the Academy for Public Service's Model Government Program will you receive immersive leadership training in your state capitol building. During the week, you'll learn how to better work with peers differing in age, background, and beliefs from you, how to consider the ramifications of legislation, and become a part of a network of leaders who will support you wherever you go.

When is it?


Terms of office start June 1st and end May 31st the following year.  The level of model government you serve in will determine your requirements and level of commitment.  City and county model governments will meet once a month, while state model governments will meet once a year for five days in mid-June. However, everyone will be required to complete a public service project so that they get to know the people and issues in the communities and areas they serve. 

Who is it for?

High school and up

High school students can serve as members of the student state House of Representatives. College students can serve in the House or the Senate.  The Senate is made up of educators, college students, and nonprofit workers. Constitutional officers are made up of college students.  Anyone can argue a court case.  Model county and city government  programs are designed for high school students, however, there are some opportunities for college students as well.

Where is it?

The State Capitol Building

Model legislative sessions will be hosted in the respective state capital buildings of the program. Real life committee rooms, chambers, and meeting areas will be available to participants during their program.

How do I join?

Click here to access the Arkansas recruitment form

The best way to join the Academy for Public Service is to fill out the online form, and/or email Romerse Biddle at

You can also talk to current members of the Academy for Public Service who can be found on Our People.


Moments from Session



Priority deadline to sign up is April 5th, 2024.

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