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Why are we doing this?

Democracy and public service must be learned by each generation. It is our duty to teach them.

To learn; to lead; to serve.

In order for public servants to uphold the ideals of duty, honor, and justice, they must be taught why it is important. Through the Academy for Public Service students of service are supported in developing their ideas and challenging the status quo. We foster connections across generations of leaders to ensure the longevity of our democracy.

What we offer

Student Representatives from Arkansas host a House Floor session in the Arkansas House Committee rooms in the state capitol.

Student leadership
Are you a high school or undergraduate student anxious to jump into the world of public service? Join Collegiate Model Government and learn the innerworkings of state government through the frame of public service.

In Model Government you'll learn what it means to be a servant leader firsthand, as well as foster connections with fellow leaders.

Click here to find out more.

Leadership mentors

If you are a current or former legislator, executive officer, judge, or lawyer; or have experience working with legislators, constitutional officers, judges, or lawyers and are interested in being a legislative, judicial, or executive mentor, click here to get started. 

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